Introducing the Celebrity Plant

The concept is to add value to a product that already has a market. For example, regular cabbage is a dollar. Organic is two dollars. Organic and Hydropoinc is three dollars. Our cabbage is organic, hydroponic and has five hundred twitter followers. This becomes a much more valuable “celebrity cabbage”.

This also encourages unique, artisanal food as opposed to wholesale. It’s only a matter of time until someone grows an arugula that looks like the Virgin Mary. We create a market where customers can find artisanal

Celebrity Remote Farmers

Most of us are stuck in cubicles in front of computers all day. We have the desire to connect with our food, just look at the sheer number of food pictures on Instagram. We have the desire to farm (remotely) as you can see from the popularity of Farmville. This is essentially Farmville in real life. Where the best players can end up with the best plants delivered fresh to their home.